Industries Served

3-D Polymers has broad experience in many industries requiring specific solutions for dip molding and coating applications. No matter what your industry or which markets you serve, your success depends on growth and keeping up to date with products.

We partner with you to understand your specific design and end use. We strive to help you meet your cost objectives, and develop specific solutions that result in outstanding quality, while being budget conscious. We understand that industries are diverse and distinctive and often require unique solutions. You can depend on us to work along side you to determine what will work best for you, your business environment and your needs.

Consumer Products

From sports to automotive tooling to SCUBA diving, molding and coating solutions offer a wide range of applications that enhance the visual and tactile properties and add value to your product line. Our polymers create color, protection, and comfort to a wide range of consumer products resulting in increased impact on and off the shelf. The end result is consumer satisfaction and loyalty to your brand. Applications and products include, but are not limited to:

  1. Sporting Goods - Grips, handles, protective caps, hand weight coatings (smooth or rough)
  2. Diving - Protective sleeves for oxygen tanks in clear or translucent colors, neck seals, wrist seals, boots, etc.
  3. Hardware - Tool grips, plumbing fixture coatings, protective edge coatings
  4. Toys - Playground equipment, masks, toy handle grips, metal protective coating
  5. Personal Care - Cast covers, product containers and sleeves
  6. Firefighters - Protective Sleeves and caps for O2 tanks
  7. Magicians - Various plastisol items used for illusions


Whether it's a rubber seal or a protective sleeve, 3-D Polymers is your solution. The applications for our plastisol, neoprene, and latex products are limited only by your imagination. Our goal is to help you manufacture products for industrial applications that enhance your products' performance, safety, and usability. We go well beyond your part to deliver the services and solutions that make you more competitive in your industry and essential to your customers' businesses. Our application expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Amusement Parks - Bumpers, lap bars, seat belt tongues, character arms, legs, hands and feet, etc.
  2. Material handling - Grips, polymer coated gloves, metal coating, edge coating and stripping
  3. Automotive - Shifting boots, roof racks, steering wheels, seals (interior and exterior), CV boots
  4. Electrical - Nonconductive coating for tools, gloves, and metal components.
  5. Aviation - Wing steps, oven latch knobs, custom tooling for aviation mechanics, etc.
  6. Diving - Neck seals, wrist seals, mic cover, boots, gloves, etc.
  7. Gas Companies - One and two piece gas bags to allow for installation of new meters
  8. Military - Protective metal coatings
  9. Air Cylinder Manufacturers - Protective Sleeves and caps for compressed air tanks
  10. Playground Equipment - Protective coatings for handlebars, springs, edges, etc.


3-D Polymers understands the needs of the, ever changing, healthcare industry. We focus on providing molding and coating solutions that deliver proven benefits that create a real value and difference for not only our medical customers, but their patients as well. Our polymer solutions meet a variety of critical manufacturing requirements specific to healthcare needs, including sterilization diversity, clear/transparent/colorable polymers, scented polymers, flexible elastomers, and chemical resistance. Applications and products include:

  1. Test Lungs - Available in varying thickness of neoprene
  2. Inflatable/Expandable Bladders - A variety of thickness, colors, and elastic properties
  3. Bulbs and Hand Pumps - Available in latex, neoprene, and plastisol
  4. Bandage Covers - A variety of protective bandage and wound covers, including cast covers to enable bathing
  5. Urinary Bags - A variety of sizes and attachment capabilities and thickness, also available in a scented latex
  6. Nasostats - An inflatable nasal hemostat
  7. Face Seals - Oxygen mask seals from infant through adult