Air Cylinder Protective Sleeves

Do your air cylinders become dented and dinged? Are you continuously buying new cylinders because you cannot refill your damaged air cylinders? Are you tired of wasting money on new air cylinders?

We would like to introduce you to an exciting product, the Protective Sleeve. If you are tired of damaging your air cylinders and the wasted expense of replacing them, the Protective Sleeve can solve your problems.

The Protective Sleeve is a specially compounded, fire retardant, grade of clear, high durometer, PVC/ plastisol that meets or exceeds the flammability standards of the ASTM D-568. The Protective Sleeve is easy to use. It slips right over your cylinder, forming a watertight seal. Your air cylinder is now covered by a thick protective barrier, which will save your cylinder from dings, dents and other damage that prevent the air cylinder from refill and reuse. Many fire departments are currently using the Protective Sleeve, as well as large cylinder production companies such as: 3M/Scott Safety, AllStar Fire, MES, Draeger, Aero Fire, Boivin & Gauvin - 1200 degrees (Honeywell), and Canadian Safety Equipment just to name a few. They are convinced that the Protective Sleeve saves them thousands of dollars annually by extending the life of the air cylinder by three or four times. Long Beach Fire Department: "We have been using the 3-D Polymers Protective Sleeve since 1987 and it is the best investment we have ever made. It extends the life of our air canisters by at least three times."

Sound good? Well, so does the price. We make the Protective Sleeve to order, depending on the size of your cylinder. Each protective sleeve retails for under $60. The price varies depending on diameter size, but none are over $60 per Sleeve. When compared to the price of a new cylinder, $60 is quite a savings.

You can further protect your air cylinder with a Protective Cap. The cap in combination with the Protective Sleeve totally encapsulates your air cylinder, forming an impregnable protective barrier. The caps retail for under $25.00

If you are new to the Protective Sleeve and would first like to try a free sample sleeve to witness the benefits for yourself, please fill out the Protective Sleeve sample order form and submit back to us.

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